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    ... celebrating the family’s link with the territory and telling its story in a contemporary key
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    A luxurious country residence which hosts corporate and private events
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    Only native grape varieties are grown on the Di Meo estate and the family vineyards are situated in the best-suited areas of Irpinia, in the three areas of Irpinia’s DOCG wines: Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi
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    Discover the "Tradizione" and "Tempo" ranges
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    Every day the Calendar presents the essence of historical places in the form of the most beautiful pictures

About Us

In the early 80s, Erminia, Generoso and Roberto Di Meo acquired the historical estate from their parents Vittorio and Alessandrina, located in the province of Avellino, in the area of Salza Irpina. The estate, a beautiful 18th-century farmhouse that was once a hunting lodge of the Caracciolo Prince, is surrounded by mild and breezy hillsides.  

Erminia, Generoso e Roberto Di Meo

The goal of the three brothers was to produce wines from the most widespread native varieties in Irpinia, like Fiano, Greco, Aglianico and Coda di volpe, and promote the value of cultural and regional traditions.  

So, they decided to plant vineyards and, in 1986 they started producing the first set of wines of the family:
this is the moment that winery Di Meo was born.  

While the Irpinia wine underwent a period of strong growth, with the important accreditation of the DOCG Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi and the growth of a significant quality wine sector, the oenological project of the Di Meos Brothers evolved very quickly: besides the   production of wines in the best areas of the province, they started the   production of liquors, spirits and other food irpinian products as well, and in a few years the company was definitely set up as one of the most prestigious production companies in the region.  

Generoso e Roberto Di Meo

Today the company is run by Roberto, Oenologist, Winemaker and Sales Manager, and by Generoso, promoter of “Di Meo Vini ad Arte”, a project to enhance and spread worldwide the cultural heritage of Irpinia and Campania: after all, like wine, this is a way to celebrate the family link with the territory and offer its history to contemporary taste.  

About Us


The restoration of the old country residence of the Di Meo, which was once the hunting lodge of the Caracciolo family, involved the rennovation of the actual house,
the preservation of the old autochthonous vineyards and the promotion of the wines which symbolise Irpinia’s winemaking history.

Azienda Agricola Di Meo, located 15 km east of Avellino, sits between the Picentini Mountains and Partenio, in the heart of Irpinia, between the little villages of Salza Irpina and Parolise.

The property covers an area of about 25 hectares, most of which cultivated with vineyards, and comprises the old Hunting Lodge, now a luxurious country residence, where corporate and private events are held. It also houses the administrative offices, and the cellars where the wines and liqueurs are made and stored.


About twenty hectares of hillsides, housing vineyards, fruit trees and plants.


A luxurious country residence which hosts corporate and private events.


The modern structure where the grapes are vinified, along with the barrel cellar and offices.


Hills, mountains and high plateaux, streams, lakes and rivers: the Irpinian landscape is exceptionally varied, rich in archaeological sites, animal reserves, medieval villages, castles, churches, abbeys and monuments, all telling thousands of years of history...

... But Irpinia is also, and above all, a long-standing home to wine, with a highly composite ampelographic heritage, in which the prevailing varietals are Aglianico, Fiano and Greco.  

Mappa Areali

Only native grape varieties are grown on the Di Meo estate and the family vineyards are situated in the best-suited areas of Irpinia, in the three areas of Irpinia’s DOCG wines: Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi.  

Salza Irpina


Area DOCG Fiano



Area DOCG Taurasi


Our wines are distinguished by their essential, understated style, which requires a good dose of patience and long ageing in the bottle, to express all their taste potential.

We currently produce 15 labels, divided into two ranges of wines: Tradition and Time.

The first is a Classic Range, comprising the single-grape wines that symbolise Irpinia: essential and well-rounded, they are an immediate expression of the terroir and the vintage. The Tempo Range, on the other hand, is made up of The Reserves, an open, on-going challenge of the ageing potential, mainly of Fiano and the other native varietals that have made this are internationally famous.

The wines are flanked by a limited production of Single-Grape Grappas (Fiano, Greco and Aglianico); and the range is completed by a Brandy, which ages for 25 years, and two traditional family Liqueurs: “Ratafià di Nonna Erminia”, a refined blend of herbs and Aglianico, and “Schiaccianoci”, an original revisitation of the famous Nocino walnut liqueur.

astly, inspired by wine and its evocative strength, is Profumo DiVino: a sweet yet fresh room fragrance which fills the air with reminiscences of Concord grapes, forest fruits and sugared-almonds.

Liqueurs and Distillates

Di Meo Calendar

Nato da un’idea dei fratelli Di Meo, con l’intento di favorire la diffusione e, talvolta, la riscoperta del patrimonio artistico e culturale internazionale, il Calendario è un progetto editoriale unico nel suo genere, che si avvale della collaborazione di artisti, critici d’arte, istituzioni e partner di grande rilievo.  

Il primo Calendario Di Meo è stato realizzato nel 2003 a Salza Irpina; l’anno successivo fu Capodimonte al centro del progetto, mentre a partire dal 2005 è incominciato uno speciale «Grand tour» attraverso le capitali del mondo, alla ricerca di luoghi e di storie intrecciate con Napoli e le sue tradizioni.  

Ogni anno il Calendario restituisce l’essenza di luoghi storici attraverso immagini di grande suggestione.  

Fra le città raccontate dal Calendario Di Meo vi sono Madrid, Marrakech, Londra, Mosca, Berlino e New York.  

A partire dal 2013 l’associazione Di Meo Vini ad Arte ha stretto un sodalizio artistico con il fotografo fiorentino Massimo Listri riconosciuto a livello internazionale come un maestro della fotografia di Arte, Architettura ed Interni. La collaborazione ha dato vita ad opere straordinarie, realizzate nei più bei palazzi delle capitali europee.  

La presentazione del Calendario coincide sempre con un party esclusivo in location straordinarie (musei, palazzi nobiliari, ambasciate... e persino aeroporti!): l’ultimo Calendario Di Meo “Napoli Lisbona, Due Mari Una sola moltitudine” è stato presentato a novembre al Palácio Nacional da Ajuda di Lisbona.  

Nel 2017 la Camera dei Deputati riconosce a Generoso Di Meo il

visita il sito del Calendario Di Meo  

Azienda Agricola Di Meo s.a.s.

Contrada Coccovoni, 1
83050 Salza Irpina (Av)

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