Schiaccianoci (Nutcracker) is an interpretation of the classic walnut liqueur spread throughout Italy, which in this case is inspired by Irpinia and family traditions.

Made with the indications of an ancient recipe book, it is characterized by the addition of Taurasi wine to the classic infusion of walnut, spice and flowers; once the sugar and the alcohol are amalgamated, it is aged in French oak barrels for at least two years.

Meditation liqueur, excellent to taste at the end of the meal accompanied by miniature pastries and cream based desserts; on the precious bottle, the Epicurean invitation of Horace: ”Stop any hesitation and put aside your desire for income; mix, as long as it is possible, a bit of scapigliatura with the wise thoughts; on some occasions, frolic is so sweet”.

Composition: infusion of walnut husk, herbs, flowers, fruit and spices; Taurasi wine (aged in barriques for about six years); alcohol; sugar.

Organoleptic characteristics: brown and bright, dense and viscous in the glass; the nose clearly reveals the aroma of the walnut husk, with spicy hints that recall cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla bean. The palate is impressive, it can be enjoyed slowly, with pleasant and persistent balsamic notes on the finish.

Recommended pairings: Diplomatica cake; cream puffs; éclair.

Service temperature: room temperature or 10°/12° C

Alcohol level: 50% Vol.

Formato: 50 cl e

Packaging: individually boxed in decorated box. Six bottle pack.

Technical data sheet: