London Dry Gin

A long botanical exploration, which starts in Irpinia and arrives, finally, on the Amalfi Coast, in search of a multiform and authentic identity. The ambition to translate nature, spontaneous creator of scents, tastes and sounds, to identify the essence of a territory. Connecting with people through the intangible impact of suggestion. The DGin is all this: a proposal for wandering spirits, sensitive to the call of reminiscence.

LABEL: The flora and fauna of the territory of the Di Meo winery become an original pattern in a drawing handmade: aromatic herbs, wild flowers, wild berries and wild berries are mixed together, reproducing that kaleidoscope of images, perfumes and suggestions that inspired the DGin.

BOTANICALS: Juniper Berries; Angelica root; Cardamom; Chamomile flower; Coriander; Rose petals; Rosemary; Sage; Woodruff; Lemon peels; Ginger; Bergamot peels; Raspberry.

TASTING NOTES: Colorless and bright to the eye, the nose immediately releases the fresh citrus notes of lemon and bergamot, to then subsequently reveal intense Mediterranean sensations, in a fresh olfactory complex and intriguing. Tasty and velvety on the palate, balanced and with the right softness, it gives an elegant and persistent drink.

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