Don Vittorio

Brandy vintage 1986

Brandy Don Vittorio 1986, the year the company was founded, borns from top quality marcs of Fiano, distilled fresh with a discontinuous method in a copper alembic. It is a tribute to the father of Erminia, Generoso and Roberto Di Meo.

The full aromatic content of the grape is very intense during the distillation process; the slow aging of twenty-five years in oak barrels gives complexity to the nose and balance and softness on the palate.

Flakes of dark chocolate, but also dry pastries, can add a taste detail to this distilled meditation wine.

Composition: selected marcs of Fiano

Distillation system: discontinuous in a water bath

Equipment: steam copper alembic

Ageing: 25 years in oak barrel

Organoleptic characteristics: amber color, crystalline and brilliant. The very complex scent recalls the notes of the starting wine, strongly enriched by the aromas obtained from the wood in the long period of aging: vanilla, dried and roasted fruit, brioche and sweet tobacco. On the palate it is velvety, soft and persistent.

Service temperature: room temperature, served in a large glass, balloon type

Alcohol level: 40% Vol.

Size: 70 cl e

Packaging: individually boxed in decorated box. Six bottle pack.

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