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Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G.

Greco di Tufo Vittorio is produced with the grapes coming from a steep and sunny vineyard implanted in 1998 in Montefusco, 750 m above sea level. Slight over-ripeness manual harvest, maceration on the skin, fermentation at the controlled temperature, and at least 36 months of refining (18 in stainless steel tanks and 18 in bottles). The color is a wonderful gold yellow, with citrus and mineral notes at the nose and a full body structure in the mouth. This wine has the name of the father of Erminia, Generoso and Roberto Di Meo and of the son of the latter.

Production area Montefusco (AV)
750 m a.s.l.

Grape variety Greco di Tufo 100%

Winemaking Manual harvest of selected bunches in 15 kg baskets, skin maceration, fermentation at a controlled temperature.

Aging period 18 months in steel
18 months in bottle

Alchol content 13°

Colour Brilliant golden yellow

Perfume With an elegant bouquet of cedar, Rennet apple and propolis; after that, a mineral recall of flint and slate and a slight hydrocarbon note.

Taste Warm and enchanting, well-balanced sip, with fine acidity and minerality.

Serving suggestion Sushi and sashimi; risotto with pumpkin and taleggio cheese; salmon and potato croquettes

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