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"THE NUTCRACKER" was born thanks to a hand-written, family recipe book that was rediscovered when the Di Meo's country villa was being rebuilt.
The book contained herbal home remedies, as well as infusions and liqueurs to make from the abundant fruits and nuts Irpinia's fertile lands produce.
This walnut liqueur is very unusual to be traditional system of macerating walnuts in alcohol.
Schiaccianoci's recipe adds flowers, fruits, spices and even red Taurasi Aglianico wine.
After having sugar and alcohol combined with it, the liqueur is aged for one year in oak barriques.
A traditional yet modern creation , Schiaccianoci's flavour is decisive and dry, and it leaves a satisfying floral aftertaste.
Try it after dinner; it will round off any fine meal.

"Cut off the delays and set aside the desire of earing; blend, until possible a little ruffling with wise thoughts; at the propitious opportunity, it is sweet to have a ball. (Orazio)"

50 cl e
Alc. 50% by Vol.

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