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Nonna Erminia's Ratafią is a natural, traditional, hand-made liqueur. It is produced without any preservatives, colouring agents or flavourings.
This Ratafią is made following an old recipe from Di Meo family that has been jealously guarded for generations. It is produced in small quantities, so as to guarantee that its time-tested flavours and unique taste will go unaltered. How Ratafą is made: The leaves and herbes are infused in aged Taurasi wine for up to one year. The liquid is then ready to be refined, and subsequently aged for two more years in barriques.
Nomma Erminia's Ratafią is then placed in the exclusively shaped glass bottles that will maintain its character through time.

"Don't be too worry, if people is troubled for any reason, enjoy cheerfully the gift of this time and put the severe engagements aside. (Orazio)"

50 cl e
Alc. 36% by Vol.

Ingredients: Aglianico di Taurasi wine, aged for 6 years in wood, Sour-cherry leaves (several varieties), Cherry leaves (several varieties), Twelve herbs, Alcohol, Sugar.

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