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From the union of the historical campania's vines is born
for the pleasure to meet....

meet is grappa that has in its simplicity the whole consequential complexity from the assemblage of the grapes of Fiano of Avellino, Greco of Tufo and Aglianico of Taurasi docg.

I wanted to assemble with a particular relationship some typologies of grappa to combine kind and fine perfumes with the strength of the floral notes proper of the grappa with a persistent taste able to give more than a feeling during the tasting.

It is not a concert of violin
but a whole orchestra,
not too much mawkish,
but of character
that succeeds in communicating not a single emotion,
but more feelings.

A varoius and ample complex perfume, a persistent taste, but still clearly and voluntarily traditional.
It must be tasted cold in a big glass, not dam in a minuscle vital space.

50 cl.
Alc. 40% by Vol

   clp © Di Meo sas