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This grappa has been made by distilling the residues from Greco di Tufo grapes after the winemaking process has been completed. This age-old discontinuos method of steam-distilling guarantees the finest results. This is a delicate whose balanced perfume offers light notes of cocoa.
Its warm and generous flavour reflects the heat of the vines' birthplace. The grappa's long, rich aftertaste is particularly intriguing - suggesting the fresh scents of aromatic herbs; its complexity offers an insight into the beaufiful but challenging landscape of Irpinia. It's best not to drink it too cold - just cool - in order to bring out its rich flavours; or try it in a large glass to fully experience its bouquet.

"I will feast to Bacchus no less then the Hedonists; celebrating is sweet to me becouse I have refound a friend. (Orazio)"

50 cl e
Alc. 43% by Vol.

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