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Now you can have delicious chestnuts all year around!
Irpinia is famous for the sweet chestnuts that grow on its hillsides, at altitudes of between 700 to 800 meters.
The Di Meo's organic chestnuts groves give an annual crop in the late autumn, and the family long ago devised this wonderful way of preserving them: after careful selection, th best chestnuts are simmered in a sugar syrup flavoured with natural orange, vanilla, peach, lemon and berry extracts.
Great in summer with ice cream or frozen desserts, with whipped cream or just sprinkled with a little cocoa powder, these "I Capricci" are olso good on thei own.
I winter, try them with a glass of warming grappa,or Nonna Erminia's Ratafią, another exclusive Di Meo ligueur.
"I Capricci" are sold in 360 gram glass jars. Refrigerate after opening, and eat within one week.

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